MTPS is excited to announce that our new Meds-to-Home and Independent Living Pharmacy Services department has begun and is doing very well!

MTPS is expanding to enhance pharmacy care for community residents so they can focus on what matters and allowing MTPS to handle the little things, such as medication.   Here is an overview of what the new department will provide.

  • Specialized Packaging of Medication and As Needed meds will be filled in bottles
  • Easy communication with our pharmacy staff
  • Reminder list each month of the meds needing refills, pharmacy staff will work hand in hand with the patient and physicians to obtain refills.
  • Monthly itemized billing statement for medications.
  • Easy Enrollment
  • We will deliver the meds within an Independent Living Community or ship meds to the home

Additional Services: 

  • Prescription medications will have drug information sheet in the delivery.
  • Each month they will receive a list of medications on file in an easy to read format.
  • Monthly itemized billing statements will allow for easy budget management.

We are so excited about this opportunity and with that expansion brings additions to the team as well.  MTPS welcomes to that department Jennifer Insell!

Jennifer Insell

Jennifer is from Shelbyville, TN. She is a wife and a mother of 3 and resides in Tullahoma, TN.   She graduated from the LPN program in 2010 and attended MTSU.

She has worked in the Emergency department, Wound Care and has 5 years experience in hospice.

She is a great addition to our sales and nurse education team at MTPS!